POSITION: LowCarb/Keto content creator (writer)
Content language: English
Your location: Doesn't matter
Pay: 0.06 - 0.15 USD per word (depending on your expertise)
Expected workload: ~5 - 10k words per week
Content type: Mostly guides - "How to" and Step by step type of content
We're looking for a person that is passionate about LowCarb/Keto lifestyle and wants to make a difference in the world, by creating (written) high quality content and guides that help people to better understand and implement LowCarb/Keto lifestyle.

We're a company in Latvia, that has been educating and helping people to implement LowCarb/Keto lifestyle in their daily life. Our main speciality is making LowCarb/Keto lifestyle implementation easy for people and helping them achieve their health goals, by creating high quality courses that make starting LowCarb/Keto lifestyle as easy as possible.

This is where you come in - currently we're on our way to expanding abroad and we need help to keep improving our course and keep providing people with high quality - LowCarb/Keto related guides and content.
If you're hired, here is what this position will look like:

- Every week you will recieve a clear list of topics to create guides about, for example "Starting Keto without a gallbladder"
- Every topic will also come with a general outline, that the guide should follow and what it should include
- You reserach and write the best possible in-depth guide on the specific topic
- We review and aprove it (or request edits)
- You get paid
- Repeat

There are no fixed working hours. You just have to deliver the promised content on time.

What's required from you:

- Excellent English language skills - both written and spoken
- You're capable of researching and creating high quality content and easy to understand, step by step guides
- You're passionate and knowledgeable about LowCarb/Keto lifestyle
- You can not only create a guide on what the person needs to do, but also, in simple terms explain the biological mechanisms behind it (for example - the guides you create will not only tell them to cut carbs, but also, in simple terms explain the biological mechanisms behind why it works)
- You can write a well structured and researched peace of content
- You're capable of setting and then meeting deadlines

Not required, but a big bonus:

- You're a nutritionist, RD or a medical professional that specializes in LowCarb/Keto diets

What's in it for you (besides the money)

- Impact on people's lives: Your content will reach tens of thousands of people, helping them to massively improve their life quality. Because of the content that you will create thousands of people will live much better lives - reducing unnecessary suffering, pain and stress in their lives.

- Fast growth: You're starting at a part time position - but if you turn out to be an amazing content creator, we will offer you full time position and we are willing to increase your salary (above the industry standard). If you prove yourself as a great guide/course developer - Senior Product Manager position is your next step, where you exclusively work on developing the guides/courses themselves.

- Great digital work environment: We provide clear directions on what we want and if we don't you have the opportunity to tell us that we need to be more specific. We strive to give clear direction on what we want and how we want it, so that you know exactly on what you need to create - so that re-visions are kept to a minimum. We always agree on a clear plan, the next steps and a deadline.

- Stable work: If you prove yourself to be reliable and great content creator, this will be a very stable place of work providing a stable source of income. Despite COVID-19 we're growing at an exponential rate, reaching almost 10x growth in 2020. Looking to do the same in 2021 by going abroad.

How to apply:

Write a ~500 word article on "Why LowCarb diets are more effective LowFat diets when it comes to weight loss".

This article is intended for regular people that have a somewhat clue what LowCarb is but they still believe (because they have been told this for years) that the main principle behind losing weight is being in a caloric deficit. And it doesn't really matter whether you eat LowCarb or LowFat.

Here is what we're looking for when looking at your submission:

- How easy it is to read your article
- How well the difference is explained and how easy it is to understand it
- Are your claims backed by any research
- Overall knowledge of the topic

If you believe you can write it in less words - do it.
If you believe you need more words - use them.

500 words is just a general rule.

After you've written this piece of content - click the "Apply For This Job" button bellow or above and just fill out the application (will take just a few minutes).

After you submit it, we will give you a response within 2 - 3 business days, whether you're beeing considered or not.

The next step is a ZOOM interview with our CEO. Possible dates and times will be provided in the email if you're being considered.